Most relevant testimonials and comments

Taylor - USA

“[…] Carmen has helped me to reinforce my business vocabulary and phrases that I would use in a presentation […] My class with Carmen is one of my favourite moments of the week”.


Stine - Denmark

“[…] She always gives a very accurate answer to all the questions I have about Spanish and he really knows what he is talking about”.


Ellie - United Kingdom

[…] Speaking has always been the most difficult thing for me. I’ve always felt very nervous and uncomfortable doing it. When I met Carmen, everything changed […] Carmen is not only professional, but also caring, kind and funny […].


Erika - Russia

“[…] Carmen is really friendly so I am not afraid of making mistakes while speaking and I always feel comfortable in class”.


Paul - United Kingdom

“[…] The resources Carmen prepares are exceptionally useful for me: very clear, well organised and structured. Her feedback on my work is of high quality”.


Eddie - United Kingdom

“[…] You soon feel very comfortable in class. […] The documentation you send me is very useful to prepare the class. […] Spanish is spoken throughout the class”.

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