About me

Hello! I am

Carmen Teixeira

ONLINE Spanish teacher

and founder of
Español con Carmen

Accredited as:

Teacher os Spanish as a foreign language


Examiner D.E.L.E.


With my online Spanish classes I have helped meet the objectives of many students. I see every day that my clients enjoy learning, that they are looking forward to the next Spanish session.

I love this! In addition, each session is an intercultural experience that enriches us both: the student and me.

When one teaches, two learn

Robert Heinlein

When one teaches, two learn

Robert Heinlein

Spanish is a great language

I consider Spanish to be a wonderful language that everyone should know. I love my profession! It is very gratifying to see the evolution of my students and how they maintain the motivation to continue learning.

I like challenges: in my work, my challenge will always be for my student to achieve their challenge.


My motivation revolves around this phrase:

Succes is a decision, not a gift

Steve Backley

Succes is a decision, not a gift

Steve Backley

Spanish teacher online

In my life I have made several important decisions in different aspects. Professionally, one day I discovered that I was not happy with my job: it was not rewarding, I took a lot of time to spend with my family and to see my daughter grow up, I was too stressed ... and if I don't like something, I work hard to change it. So I started a new path: creating my own company, Español con Carmen, to do what I really like and how I like to work.

Training and professionalism are very important to me, that is why I decided to study the Master's Degree in Teacher of Spanish for Foreigners at the University of Malaga, and did a research project on online and one-to-one teaching. It was a fascinating experience.

I received a lot of encouragement from the clients of my previous job: "Carmen, knowing how you do things, I'm sure you are going to do great", "You are brave, go ahead!", "You are always very professional and responsible so you will do it very well ”.

And I did it! Now I am really happy with my work. I feel very fortunate to dedicate my time to sharing my knowledge and my love for Spanish. Around me there is a good work environment and professionalism, and all this allows us to offer a quality service.

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  • I'm picky with myself:

I like to take care of every detail, review everything and constantly learn.

I am also positive and I like to surround myself with positive people.

I always try to improve and not settle.

  •  I am in love with my city, Málaga:

Its climate, its light, its streets and the quality of life that it offers to those of us who live here. It is great to "go for tapas" with friends at the Center, to see many people enjoying the same way as you, to be able to sit and watch the sea and reflect on how life is going ...

  • I firmly believe in generosity:

It is one of the main engines of life because the more you give, the more you receive.

  • I have a big family:

Whenever we can we meet to eat. I love family gatherings at home!

  • I also have very good friends:

At least once a month, we meet to go out in the Center, we go to eat and then have a drink in a bar or go to a hotel terrace.

We also love to walk around Malaga and spend an enjoyable afternoon together.

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